Electrical Safety Regulations and Guidance

The law demands that electrical systems at work are safe. This requires evidence of an inspection and testing program. The law applies to all premises occupied by, or accessible to employees or any member of the public.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989


  • All electrical systems are to be maintained to prevent, as far as is practicable, any danger – Regulation 4(2)
  • It is necessary to be able to prove that reasonable precautions and due diligence were carried out on a regular basis to prevent danger – Regulation 29


Compliance can be proved by having a regular portable appliance inspection and testing program carried out by a competent person.

PA TESTERS enables employers and responsible persons to comply with the regulations by using skilled test engineers to carry out inspection and testing on an agreed periodic basis. We produce test reports and remind clients when testing is due.

A Certificate of Testing is issued on completion of testing.

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Portable Electrical Appliance Testing